Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Review: City of Bones

'City of Bones' by Cassandra Clare 
Fantasy, 442 pages 
Published 2007 by Walker Books

Jessica, you seriously need to stop developing crushes on gay boys. First Neil Patrick Harris, then Chris Colfer, and now Alec Lightwood. It needs to stop.
The Lightwoods-Alec and Isabelle-were definitely my two favorite characters. They were so elegant and fascinating, I loved them both. If Isabelle was a real person-we would for sure be best friends. She reminded me so much of myself :)
I would say her and Alec would make a cute couple, but they are brother and sister, so that would be creepy. Really creepy...You know who else im thinking of, right?

Having said I loved Alec and Isabelle, you may have worked out by now that Jace Wayland was not my favorite character.
omg! Gasp and point at possibly the only girl on this site who isnt head over heels about Jace.
However, I did enjoy the hundreds of one-liners he came up with. A few of them even made me laugh out loud.
But seriously, I got so sick of reading about his 'fine locks of golden hair' every second page. Almost as sick of reading through all the similies...oh my goodness, the similies!

Besides from the fact that parts of this were borrowed from other books, and that it took me ages to read, and the fact lots of the story seemed forced and wooden, I enjoyed the book. I really, really enjoyed it.
I thought it was written quite well, and the characters were all fascinating in their own quirky way.
I gave 'City of Bones' four stars, though it probably didn't deserve that many. However, it deserved more then three, and half ratings are not aloud, so....

The Mortal Instruments bandwagon is at my doorstep, millions of fans calling me to jump on board.
Whilst I am tempted to, I will politely decline the offer for the time being. It was good, very good in-fact, but not 'amazing', like everyone said it would be.
The bandwagon can return to see If I want to be on board once I finish 'City of Ashes', which I have already started devouring.

I will end with a quote from my good 'friend' 
Amelia: 'If you've already read & loved Harry Potter & the Chaos Walking series...this will be fun, but not nearly as impressive.' 

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