Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Bookshelf!

So recently I was on my American friend Amelia's blog: Imagination in Focus, and I saw a post about her bookshelves. 
After a long time staring at them and checking out the unusual overseas covers, I decided to make my own post: So here it is! My Australian bookshelves! 
(with plenty of room remaining!)  

 The bottom seems to be cut out. But its just school assignments, folders holding sketches and story ideas and some magazines.


                                                             So thats my bookshelf! 
Lots of different covers. Did you spot any REALLY different ones? 


  1. Love your shelves, Jessica! I need to get shelves like this! Yours are beautiful!

  2. I can spot some of the books I've read Jessica!!! Very nice:)

  3. I spot the Uglies series and Twilight! That's all I could make out, though. Impressive bookshelf! mine is just the little built in one over my desk... I need to buy a separate, full bookshelf. Hmm.