Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dream Cast: The Hunger Games

Recently, I have been doing A LOT of thinking about the upcoming film adaption of 'The Hunger Games' by Suzanne Collins. 
It is a fantastic book, full of magnificent characters which deserve the right portrayal. I have been brainstorming which actors would suit the roles. If I was the casting director of the film-here are some people I would defiantly get in contact with: 
(*Note* For Peeta, Gale, Katniss, Prim, Rue and all other tributes, I want unknowns to be cast. However, for blog purposes I must choose proper actors.)  

  Effie Trinket: Amy Poehler
 I really think she looks the part with out costume. Just imagine her once they give her pink hair and make up! I think she could do a fantastic job acting wise as well-she can defiantly pull of crazy. (She was in 'Blades of Glory" amongst one or two other feature films and was a voice-actor in quite a few as well.)   

Haymitch Abernathy: Robert Downey Jnr.  
 I was tossing up between RDJ and Hugh Laurie for a long time. In the end I chose Robert, simply because he looks the part more. He is also a magnificent actor, he could play Katniss and get away with it. If he is not cast in the actual movie, I will be so upset. 

Ceasar Flickerman: Andrew Hanson
He is unknown overseas, but in Australia he is almost a household name. His personality is perfect for the bubbly interviewer, and with a bit of make-up and hair dye, he would look perfect as well. 
He is naturaly bubbly, happy and funny. 
 I was tossing up between Andrew, Rove McManus and Jim Carrey. 
I would have cast Carrey, but he is too bigger name for such a small role.

Prim Everdeen: Avalon Robbins
To tell the truth, I'd never heard of her before one of my friends mentioned her. The second I saw her image, I knew she would be perfect for the role!  She looks so young and innocent, like Prim should. 

 Since im crazy-busy, I'll see if I can post more tommorow, but for the time being this is the only part of the cast I am really happy with. 


  1. Avalon would make a decent Prim. But I think the perfect Prim is either Elle Fanning or Karley Scott Collins!!!!!