Saturday, February 12, 2011

'Peeps' by Scott Westerfeld
science-fiction, 312 pages 
Published 2005 by Penguin

Dont have sex, because you will turn into a vampire, and die. 
Thats the message I picked up on in 'Peeps'. Funny, because Westerfelds other book, Uglies, the message was dont pollute the environment. A bit of a difference in moral there...

Anyway, I really enjoyed this book. It wins the 'Weirdest book I have ever read in my life' award. Scott Westerfeld has created a fantastic urban-fantasy, set in modern day New York. It is weird and strange, but utterly creative and highly unique.
vampirism is an STD, which the protagonist, Cal, has caught from a girl named Morgan, when they were....well, you know.
This makes Cal a carrier. He has the disease, but not the negative symptoms. He is a one in one thousand case. This means he doesnt crave human flesh all the time, but he can see in the dark and run super fast.
Unfortunately, every girl he kisses or has sex with, he infects, and turns them into a vampire. It is his job to hunt down all of those he has infected, and put them into custody.
But that is all backstory. The actual plot of this book is him trying to catch Morgan-the girl who infected him.

it is a weird book. Creepy and gross and times, but still very, very good. The author thought this through magnificently well. Let me say this: I prefer Scott Westerfeld's blood-thirsty, horny vampires in Peeps, over the sparkling ones in Twilight or the paranormal-love obsessed ones created by 
Richelle Mead. Ugh.

No words can do this book justice. I cant praise it more, because that would mean including spoilers. All I will say is this: I definatly encourage fans of  
The Uglies Trilogy to try this book. Also, if you are interested in vampires and want to read a completely wacky take on the ancient creatures, read this!
Now I will go into repetitive mode: Scott Westerfeld thought this through very well! He explained why vampires and scared of the sun, why crucifixes ward them off, why they break mirrors when they look at their own reflection.
Plus, this is just 100% weird. In a great way. Its a 
perfect blend of adventure, action, horror and scientific education :)

I will end with my favorite quote from the book: 
"I lost my virginity to the apocalypse!" 

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