Monday, September 6, 2010

By S. Collins 

Is there a person left who is yet to read The Hunger Games, New York Times best selling, post-apocalypse series staring Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mallark? 
This magnificent trilogy has taken me by storm, and I find myself thinking about it at every spare moment. 
Unfortunately, it does not claim the title of my 'favorite trilogy ever' (The Chaos Walking books by Patrick Ness get that title) for one simple reason. And that reason is the final book in this series, Mockingjay
Personally, I did not enjoy the final installment. Perhaps it just wasn't a good book. Perhaps my expectations were just to high following the epic cliff hanger at the end of Catching Fire, but I just wanst satisfied with the book.   
It lacked too much detail. In a nutshell, that is the issue. There was no detail! All the juicy, action packed scenes that the trilogy had been building up to where taking place "off-screen". 
And the death scenes! Dont even get me started on those. I did not even tear up a little bit in any one of them.  
I will not go deeper, in fear of spoiler, but if you want to see my full review click here: 

Mind you, The Hunger games and Catching Fire were both mind-blowing exceptional, full of suspense, action, adventure, mystery, romance, and few laughs. But, as I was telling my humanities teacher today, the strongest point of this series is believability.  
Mrs. Collins creates the world of Panem so brilliantly, that one eventually starts believing in it. I, for one, found Panem a little to realistic. What, with all the rules and the the Reaping Process? The Captiol Citizens, the interviews, stylists and members of the Government. 
I found it all exceptionally well created, and that redeems the woeful conclusion to the trilogy. 
To finish, some quick stats:  

Favorite of the Trilogy: Catching Fire (#2) 
Least favorite: Mockingjay (#3)
Best character: Haymitch Abernathy, he was the most in-depth and interesting character for me
Least favorite character: Cato. Dislikable and 1 dimensional. 
Team Gale or Peeta? Peeta. Though Gale did grow on me in Mockingjay
Favorite scene? The final battle at the end of Catching Fire
Who would I like to see star in the movie? Robert Downey Jnr as Haymitch, Ian Somerhalder as Finnick.  

So, tell me: What did you think of the trilogy? 
Who would you put in the film? 
Who was your favorite character and scene. 
NOTE: comments will contain spoilers, so if you havent read the trilogy, look away now! 

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  1. Great overview...I'm with you that book 3 didn't grip me as strongly as the previous two, but the overall series is fabulous and those who haven't read it should definitely give it a try. :)